Workshop Made in France


The engraving workshop 7M DESIGN specializes in the creation and manufacture of original objects customized by laser engraving and cutting, mainly intended for the event: decoration, tableware and invited gifts.

These achievements are intended for individuals (Wedding, Bachelor Party, Baptism, Birth, Baby Shower, Birthday, ..) and professionals who wish to stand out from the competition with customized products (business gifts, promotional events , ...) with your brand or logo.


After engineering studies in microwave electronics and an inevitable passion for laser engraving, Eric Micouleau decides to invest in a high definition laser machine and to start the activity on his free time.

The engraving workshop 7M DESIGN was born in 2009 in Bordeaux with the blog

The Concept is to be able to personalize and / or manufacture each object by laser engraving and cutting to make it unique. Passionate and determined, it is of course that Eric M. begins to test and engrave everything that happens to him: aluminum objects, glass, jeans, leather, wood, chewing gum, eggs and even Tic Tac! This is the beginning of a beautiful story with evening events: discotheques, FNAC, private parties, ... 7M DESIGN meets a creator of accessories in recycled tubes (handbag, backpack , ...) and begins to engrave this material then elaborates the decorative facades in jeans for the Company.

Following meetings with the organizers of events, 7M DESIGN decided to tour the manufacturers of the Bordeaux region to recover from falls of PMMA (plexiglass), leather, cork and wood to understand new materials and answer the A permanent request for originality.

After several tests in collaboration with creators of objects for the art of the table, some creations are propelled at the show Maison & Objets (Paris), as well as at the Made in France (Paris).

Asked by his family and friends for the events of life, Eric M. develops in his workshop his own collection of table decorations and guest gifts for Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Births, Baptisms, Communions and Birthday.

7M DESIGN MADE ANY PRODUCT RANGE and custom business gifts for professionals and communication agencies.



At the end of 2010, 7M DESIGN launches its online shop and then manufactures the first branded corkscrews for weddings and events for professionals 



In 2011, a collection of jewelry is launched and new projects are displayed in boutiques and restaurants in Bordeaux as the first engraved aluminum table measuring 160x130cm and composed of 16 plates.  7M DESIGN realizes on the theme of music, decorating the jeans shop "Le Temps des Cerises (LTC) / Japan Rags" on platforms brands in Bordeaux with Jean's paintings and engraved aluminum.



In 2013, American Cakes "Wedding Cake" arrive in France and are in fashion.

7M DESIGN conceives and realizes the first models of "Toppers Wedding Cake" (Plexiglas and wood figurines for wedding cakes) made in France.

Nowadays, these Wedding Cake Toppers are found on French blogs and online shops specializing in Wedding



Since 2015, the collection of objects made in the 7M DESIGN workshop in Lormont (33) is constantly expanding thanks to you and your support, with new projects every day.

We also realize "Services of engraving / creation of objects in direct with a laser machine on the place of your event."

Thank you very much !